1.0           Custom Engineered Let-Off

            1.1          Allows bypassing of MDO

1.2          One (1) cantilevered airshaft provided

1.3          Inverter Duty Motor

1.4          Shaft mounted gear reducer

1.5          Two load cells

1.6          Controls included

1.7          Proper wrap idler rolls for load cells


2.0          Custom Engineered MDO

2.1          Maximum incoming material width as required

2.2          Hand fed

2.3          Three (3) electrically heated rolls      

2.3.1      The roll is 6 diameter

2.3.2      Chrome plated with an 8 RMS finish

2.3.3      Includes heating elements

2.3.4      Includes thermocouples for temperature feedback.

2.3.5      Includes electrical slip ring

2.3.6      Include all controls

2.3.7      Each roll individually driven.        Inverter motor with encoder

3.0          Custom Engineered Laboratory Horizontal Film Clip Tenter

3.1          Tenter length to suit customers requirements

3.2          DSI TTG125 clip tenter chain

3.2.1      2 pitch

3.2.2      Specially contoured jaw foot to accommodate plastic film

3.2.3      Lubrication well for the chain pins.

3.2.4      Better method of attaching clip to chain (No rivets)

3.2.5      Spring loaded jaw.

3.3          Entry Clip Openers

3.3.1      Opens clip jaw so web may enter

3.4          Exit Clip Openers

3.4.1      Opens clip jaw so web may exit

3.5          Manual chain tensioning

3.6          Tenter rails

3.6.1      Lengths to suit requirements

3.6.2      Entry rails

3.6.3      Intermediate rails

3.6.4      Multi joints        18 degrees of taper in a relatively short distance        Because the multi-joint is segmented the transition is smooth and does not cause wrinkles

3.6.5      Delivery rails

3.6.6      Entry , Intermediate and Delivery rails may be tapered plus/minus three (3) degrees

3.6.7      Easily replaceable bronze alloy wear strips

3.7          Tenter rail width and taper adjustment by hand wheel with dial indicator

3.7.1      Minimum width of  .75, Maximum width as required

3.7.2      Tenter  rails in oven area have shields to protect the tenter clips from infrared heat.

3.8          Each set of rails has its own drive head. The energy efficient drive gearboxes feature helical nickel chromium molybdenum steel gears mounted on heat-treated and ground shafts.  Each drive head is equipped with its own Vector Duty drive motor with encoder.  The  individual drive motors may be trimmed in relation to each     other to help straighten the web. Controls by customer

3.9          Exit idler roll provided.


4.0          Oven assembly

4.1          Insulated enclosure to fit over the laboratory tenterette

4.1.1      All panels, top bottom sides and ends are insulated.

4.2          Infrared System

4.2.1      Zoning as required

4.2.2      Each zone equipped with a pyrometer to measure temperature of product.


5.0          Infrared Power cabinet

5.1          NEMA 12 enclosure

5.2          Circuit breaker

5.3          SCR Power Controllers

5.4          Heater fuse block with fuses

5.5          DP contactors

5.6          Control voltage transformer

5.7          Panel on/off switch


6.0           Custom Engineered Winder

6.1          One (1) cantilevered airshaft provided

6.2          Inverter Duty Motor

6.3          Shaft mounted gear reducer

6.4          Two load cells

6.5          Controls included

6.6          Proper wrap idler rolls for load cells


7.0          Operators controls and drives

7.1              Free standing  NEMA 12 enclosure.

7.2           Circuit breaker

7.3              Motor controls

7.4              Programmable Logic Controller

7.5              Required relays

7.6              All wiring will be done in accordance with standard recognized NEC and OSHA codes. 

7.7              All AC motors will be AC Inverter/Vector Duty

7.7.1        Horsepower is calculated based on operating specifications

7.8          Isolation transformer

7.9          All wiring brought to terminals