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Mission Statement:

 As Diversified Systems employees our mission is to deliver to our customer’s equipment and service of unparalleled value, while assisting them in achieving competitive advantages in their industry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Diversified was originated to provide the textile industry an American company from which to procure quality custom machinery. 
Cumulatively Diversified's key management team has well over 150 years experience in the sale, design and manufacturing of machines for the textile, non-woven, and film industries.

Over its twenty six-year plus history DSI has maintained constant growth through new product development.

During this time Diversified developed and produced the first length by length curtain machine for Raschel knit fabrics, which proved to be the most productive in the world. DSI also entered the gantry market and now is the largest domestic producer of gantries for the support of electronic jacquard machines. Due to our continued product development DSI holds many patents in the sewing and web handling fields.

Diversified has expanded its presence in the finishing plants by introducing a complete line of Tenters featuring state of the art malleable, aluminum, and bearing tenter chain and rail systems.

Over the past 5 years DSI has been successful in design, installation and manufacturing of several different types of custom machines across several different industries and customer lines.


·        Automated high speed carpet tile cutting, beveling, inspection, stacking and handling system

·        Fully automatic flag making system

·        Infrared Ovens

·        Gas Fired Air Impingement Ovens

·        Conveying Systems

·        Tenter Frames

·        Tenter Chains

·        Winders

·        Accumulators

·        Scrays

·        Guiders

·        Inspection Machines

·        Printing Stations

·        Off Loom Take-Ups

·        Cut & Sew Equipment

·        Roll Packaging Machinery

·        Material Handling Equipment

·        Edge Guiding Systems

·        Non Woven Finishing Systems

·        Tenter Chain Repair

·        Machinery Rebuilding

·        And much, much more…..

DSI structural steel division includes hand rails and erection of our own steel for contractors. 

In January of 2009, DSI purchased the assets of Alexco or Alexander Machinery, the largest loom take up provider in the world.

As the name says "We are DIVERSIFIED."