By applying unyielding standards to our products Diversified Systems is known for our ability to engineer and manufacture quality machinery to solve our customer's production needs.


Diversified's highly qualified and experienced staff of engineers and technicians design each piece of machinery with our customer's processes in mind.

We strive to design each piece of equipment so it is safe, economical and reliable.

Our engineers work closely with our customers to ensure our machinery will be operator friendly and meet our customers most exacting needs.

Our engineering staff prides itself on being a hands on team that solves our customer's problems with practical solutions.

In accordance with our mission, our total commitment to our research and development programs will assure that our customers will remain technologically superior in a globally competitive market place.


Diversified 90,000 square foot manufacturing plant houses the machining, fabrication, assembly, electrical and tenter chain departments.

Our manufacturing team consists of a highly skilled and dedicated work force that has an extensive background in the manufacture of machinery and equipment.

The manufacturing team works closely with quality assurance and engineering to eliminate defects before they occur.