Cut and Sew Industry


  1. Radio Frequency Welding Machine
  2. Automatic Bag Closing
  3. Automatic Bag Making
  4. Automatic Curtain Manufacturing
  5. Automatic Drapery Manufacturing
  6. Automatic Folding Machines (curtain, drapery, sheets, napkins, etc)
  7. Automatic Four Siding Hemming
  8. Automatic High Speed Cutting
  9. Automatic Pillowcase Manufacturing  (L X L)
  10. Automatic Pillowcase Manufacturing  (W X W)
  11. Automatic Pillow Sham Flanging Machine
  12. Automatic Sheet Manufacturing (two sided and four sided)
  13. Automatic Table Cloth Machine (two sided and four sided)
  14. Automatic Towel Manufacturing
  15. Computerized Comforter Manufacturing
  16. Conveyorized Sewing
  17. Custom Made Sewing Machines
  18. Double Hemming Machines
  19. Fabric Stacking Machines
  20. Fabric De-Stacking Machines
  21. Label Feeder
  22. Left Hand Blind Stitch Machines
  23. Material Handling Systems and Conveyors
  24. Skip Stitch Detection
  25. Thread Defect Analysis
  26. Seaming Equipment (thermal, ultrasonic, adhesive)
  27. Slitting Equipment (thermal, ultrasonic, crush cut, hot knife)