Exit Straightener Model  ES-2xx is a simplified version of the PS-2xx Weft Straightener, designed for use at the exit of the tenter frame.   Fabrics leaving the tenter frame have some residual distortions, which were not corrected by the weft straightener at the entrance of the tenter frame or induced by the tenter itself.    Because the weft distortions are small, the Exit Straightener is equipped with one skew roll and one bow roll only.    The Exit Straightener can also be equipped with a stripper roll speed controller for the purpose of removing bowed distortions in the fabric by adjusting the speed of the stripper roll.
The  ES-204  Exit Straightener  installed on the exit of a tenter frame (skew roll side view).
The ES-204  Exit Straightener  installed on the exit of a tenter frame (bow roll side view.

The ES-204  Exit Straightener, view of the skew and bow drives - maintenance free. 
The ES-204  Exit Straightener, view of the control cabinet.
The control panel integrated with with a 14”  CRT  display (standard) 
The optional  Flat Panel Display Touch Screen Controls  
Two Models Available:  
Standard Model ES-2xx - for fabrics up to 3000 mm  (120”)
Heavy Duty Model ES-2xxHD - for carpets and fabrics up to 5000 mm
Idle Roller Diameter:       
Standard Model - 100 mm  (3.95”)
Heavy Duty Model  - 150 (5.90”)
Straightening Capacity:   
Standard Model - Skew: +/-200 mm (8”), Bow: +/-150 mm (6”)
Heavy Duty Model - Skew: +/-460 mm (18”), Bow: +/-250 mm (10”)
Working Fabric Tension: 
Standard Model - 40 kG (90 lb) max.
Heavy Duty Model - 180 kG (400 lb) max.
Electrical:   220 VAC, single phase,  1.5 kVA max.