The WEG-2 Guider is designed for guiding and expanding webs.  It employs a drum made of movable slats, which expand the web as it runs over the drum and rotate it. At the same time, the slats are moving laterally according to a signal from  sensors, which sense the position of the web. 

It consists of:

  • A steel frame
  • Slat drum assembly, actuated by an electric servo motor
  • ES-2 edge sensor or WBS-2 Wide Beam Sensor
  • Optional, auxiliary AC electric  motor for rotating the slat drum assembly, to prevent overstretching the guided web
  • A control cabinet, which includes a DC servo drive, a power supply, and all controls located on its front door.

The ES-2 is a high resolution edge sensor able to guide webs up to +/-0.5mm.  The WBS-2 sensor is used for so called "center guiding". The edge sensor is mounted on an adjusting frame equipped with a hand wheel for moving the edge sensor to the desired position.  The hand wheel can be substituted with an electric actuator for applications where is no access to the hand wheel. 


Working  Width: up to 5000 mm  (16 feet)

Guiding capacity: up to +/- 150mm (6”)                     

Max. Line Speed: 100 m/min  (110 yd/ min)

Mains: 208-240  VAC,  single phase, 1 kVA