The PL-1 Pilot Laminator is designed for laminating test sample materials to a substrate.

It consists of:

  • A steel frame
  • A nip roll assembly, with one hot roll and one rubber roll, actuated with pneumatic cylinders.
  • A mechanical shaft, for holding the substrate roll, with adjustable tension of the substrate web.
  • An electric motor for driving the nip rolls, with an adjustable speed DC drive.
  • A control cabinet, which includes a DC servo drive, the hot roll temperature controller
  • And all necessary controls located on its front door,
  • Made of LEXAN see-through safety shield.



Substrate  Width:                  up to 400 mm  (16")

Hot roll's temperature            20-250 C (70-480 F)                     

Max Process Speed:               6.1m/min  (20 feet/ min)

Nip Loading                           0.35 - 1.0 kG/cm (2-6 lb/in.)

Mains:                                    120  VAC,  single phase,  1.0 kVA