The purpose of the tenter rail guider is to adjust position of the tenter entry rails, so the fabric entering the tenter frame can be properly attached to its clips or pins, The Tenter Rail Guider model TG-2 consists of:

  • Two ES-2 edge sensors, for sensing fabric’s both selvages.
  • Two drive units, one for each rail, for transversal rail movement.
  • Two rail hinge limit switches, one for each rail, for preventing rail damage.
  • One control cabinet, including: an edge sensor signal processor, two servo drives and a power supply.
  • Two operator’s push-button stations, one for each rail


Edge Sensing: Contact free, photoelectric

Drive: DC servo (brushless DC optional)   ¾ HP (550W)              

Transverse Force: max. 330 lb. to 990 lb. (1500 N to 4500 N) adjustable                

Guiding Accuracy: +/- 0.5 mm  (0.02”)

Ambient Temp.: 0 to 45 C (32 to113 F)

Electrical: 220 VAC, single ph. 1.5 kVA  max,

The ES-2 Edge Sensor, featuring 0.05 mm resolution with optional fabric supporting plate. 


  • Contact free photoelectric edge sensing, able to sense the edge of the fabric regardless of color, with no adjustment.
  • Mechanical feeler
  • High resolution, providing guiding accuracy of +/- 0.5 mm (0.02”)
  • Self –diagnostic system continuously senses status of the unit’s major components, which in case of a problem turns on alarm relay, which can be used for stopping the tenter frame.
  • CD servo, rack and pinion drive

The Drive Unit