The  WBG-03HD  Web Guider is designed for guiding carpets and heavy fabrics.

It consists of:

  • A base
  • A pivoting frame with two idle rolls: the entry idle roll and the exit idle roll
  • ES-2 Edge Sensor or WBS-2 Wide Beam Sensor, installed on its adjusting frame
  • An electric servo actuator
  • A control cabinet

Its guiding action is achieved by moving the idle rolls installed on the pivoting frame radially and laterally, simultaneously.

The pivoting frame is driven by the electric servo actuator according to a signal from the  sensor. The ES-2  is a high resolution edge sensor able to guide the web up to +/-0.5mm.    The  sensor’s signal value is close to 0V when  the carpet is in desired position, otherwise the signal causes the electric servo actuator to extend or retract with a speed proportional to the signal’s value, thus guiding the carpet very accurately.



Working width: up to 5000 mm  (16 feet)

ES-2 Edge Sensor resolution: 0.05mm  (.002”)

Guiding capacity: up to +/- 305mm (12”)

Guiding accuracy: up to +/- 0.5mm  (.02”)

Max. line speed: 250 m/min   (280 yd/min)

Power requirement:  220 VAC,  1kVA, single phase