Available in Standard and Heavy Duty Models with options available for Denim, Woven and Knitted Fabrics. (pictured below is the Heavy Duty model for denim)


Standard  Features

  • 4 to 12  stationary mounted photoelectric sensors automatically enabled in the presence of fabric.
  • 3 skew rolls and up to 3 bow rolls, activated by means of electric servo drives
  • Control panel integrated with a 15" color monitor, which can be mounted on the machine or in any place convenient to the operator.
  • Skew and bow distortion presets for biasing the fabric.
  • Course selector for adapting the machine to very broad range of  fabrics.
  • Self-diagnostics.

Optional  Features

Scroll Roll Spreader for spreading fabrics with curling edges.

Ununiform Distortion Correction Package for straightening distortions called "hook".

Residual Distortion Package.

Touch Screen Controls.


The machine continuously monitors status  of its essential components, detects and displays existing faults in two categories: minor and major.  With minor problems (i.e. burnt light bulb, bad sensing head) the machine will continue to run in automatic mode.  When a major problem is detected, the machine will turn on alarm, which may be used to shut down other machinery.


Widest Fabric:           5000 mm  (16 feet)

Roll Diameter:                 150 mm  (5.9")

Bow Roll diameter:          150 mm  (5.9")

Straightening capacity: skew 1.2 m (72") - bow    .6 m (24")

Maximum Line Speed:  250m/min

Electrical: 220 VAC, 2kVA, single ph.

Weight: up to 2250 kg  (5000 lb)

Control panel15" Flat Panel Display.                

Beside usual information about the machine and the fabric, it also shows (in the lower part of the screen) total length of the fabric ran through the machine per shift and length of the carpet in particular tolerances, with ability for printing it out.

Oversized electric servo drives and mechanical transmissions are virtually maintenance free.


Optional control panel with a Flat Panel Display and a Touch Screen Controls


Patented Weft Sensing Head WS-101 with an infrared light source